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Meet Our October Alumna Spotlight: Kathryn Merck

Our October Alumna Spotlight features Kathryn Merck! Read more to hear what she has been doing since she graduated in 2022!

Name: Kathryn Merck

Theta member class: MC '18

When you graduated from Mizzou: May 2022

Major/Degree: Journalism

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Where do you live now? Madison, Wisconsin

Where do you work right now and what have you been up to since graduation?

I’m a reporter with WISC, the CBS affiliated television station in Madison, Wisconsin. I’ve worked there since graduating!

You were recently nominated for a 2022-2023 Chicago/Midwest Emmy Award! Is there anything you can tell us about that or is there anything else you’d like to add about your nomination?

The story was one of the pieces I was most proud of this past year. It centers around the Wisconsin State Capitol. ‘The Price of Perfection,’ as it’s called, aimed to tell the audience about how much the building itself is worth both financially and culturally. I was able to work with a talented photographer/editor on the story who trusted me to write a compelling segment in our newscast. Even if I don’t end up winning an Emmy, I’m thankful to be nominated with talented journalists, especially those in my hometown.

What's your favorite thing about your job?

You get to write the first draft of history. It’s an incredibly rewarding responsibility to tell people what’s happening in their world.

What's your favorite thing about the city you live in?

Madison is a beautiful city. It’s surrounded by two large lakes, and people take advantage of it! The best moments of this past year have been spent outdoors (and, since it’s Wisconsin, with curds in hand).

What are you passionate about?

I’m determined to be a loyal, caring, and fierce friend to others.

Do you have any other future career or life goals:

I love traveling. Since graduating, I’ve been able to leave the country a couple times and have visited many friends in different states. My goal both professionally and personally is to find new people/places/things that positively influence me.

What do you miss most about Mizzou?

Can ‘everything’ be the answer? Now that I live in a different college town, I’ve missed so much that the community in Columbia has to offer. I’d suggest everyone who comes to Mizzou explore the local businesses and restaurants on Broadway and beyond!

What do you miss most about Theta?

I lived in the house for a year and a half, which was some of the most fun I had in college. I miss the late nights laughing in the 5 man room, Chinese food night, and taking a couple extra pieces of candy from Mama Kathy’s bowl. Luckily, Theta is still part of my life, as I'm an advisor for the Psi Chapter at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

What is one thing you took away from being a part of Theta in college that has shaped you into the woman you are today? What impact has Theta left on you?

I’m still struck by the leadership qualities that naturally exude from Thetas. Since graduating, I have been able to watch the women in my sorority continue to advance themselves and the various organizations they are part of. I’m honored to have been a part of Theta during the time that I was, as I continue to look up to the women who graduated before me and continue to be inspired by those who graduated after.

Do you have a specific favorite Theta memory?

When I won Best Actress during Greek Week Fling in 2021, I remember feeling overwhelmed with support and joy from the people in my sorority who watched me in the audience. I was thankful to know that there were women around me who celebrated my victories in all aspects of my college career.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Order the Shredded Chicken Nachos from El Rancho with an extra side of rice and an extra side of queso. You’ll thank me later. TLAM!


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