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Welcome to our home! Alpha Mu has called 603 Kentucky Boulevard home since 1939. Originally a sixteen room facility, our facility now houses up to 105 members. 

Our house was most recently renovated during Summer 2017, and allowed us to significantly expand our home. Now equipped with 37 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, three silent studies and a generous amount of living space to accommodate studying, our home is prepared to host generations of members to come.

Throughout the process of renovating, one of our main goals was to update the facility while maintaining the history within.  While the original wood flooring, unfortunately, had to be replaced after 78 years of wear, we were able to replace it with very similar yet more durable material to last for decades. In maintaining the original aesthetic of the home, we hope that 603 Kentucky Boulevard will be a place that previous Alpha Mu members will be able to return to and feel right at home.

Members are invited to move into the house the year following their initiation. For most members, this is during their sophomore year; however, we also have many members who join during their sophomore year and spend their junior year living in the facility. Theta truly becomes a home away from home when members move into the facility. Not only are member class bonds strengthened, but spending time in the house also strengthens bonds throughout the chapter. Many members who do not live in the facility come to the house for meals, studying between classes, or even to just spend time with friends.

With our Facility Director, “Mama Kathy,”as a constant presence, there is always someone to take care of our members. Whether one needs a band aid, ibuprofen, EmergenC, or just a piece of chocolate and a listening ear, Mama Kathy is always happy to see the women of our chapter. If a member is looking for a place to meet up with friends for a group study, there are numerous spaces available throughout the facility that are perfect for just that. If someone has come to a decline in the semester and is looking for a night to relax, whether that means watching a movie, making some crafts or just hanging out with friends, we also have the space for that. Members can be found throughout the house at all times. Whether they’re studying, hanging out or watching a movie, there is always someone around and something to do.  

Photos by Erica Overfelt and Audrey Montgomery.

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