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Meet Sara Moyers: Our September Leading Woman

Name: Sara Moyers

Major: Broadcast Journalism

Hometown: Barrington, Illinois

What are your career/life goals? I would love to be a reporter and anchor in a city where I have the opportunity to turn long-form stories while anchoring on a daily basis.

What is your favorite part about your major and why did you choose it? My favorite part about being a broadcast journalism major is that I'm surrounded by students, colleagues, and mentors who constantly push me to grow and succeed. I initially chose to major in broadcast journalism because I felt it would allow me to pursue my passions of speaking, writing, learning new things, and meeting new people. As I begin my final year, I can confidently say that my major has given me countless opportunities to do what I love, and ones that have exceeded my original goals in college.

What job did you just receive? I recently began a full-time job as a Morning Anchor on KOMU 8 News Today. My co-anchor and I lead our morning newscasts Monday through Friday from 4:30 to 7 a.m.

What makes you most excited about this job? I'm most excited to gain trust in the community through telling stories that matter while being able to share my personality with mid-Missouri each morning and help people start their days.

What organizations or hobbies are you passionate about? Outside of KOMU, I'm a member of the Radio, Television, and Digital News Association where I serve on its executive board. The goal of this organization is to create a space where broadcast journalism students have the opportunity to learn from their peers, alumni, and mentors in a setting outside of the classroom or newsroom. When not diving into journalism, I love to focus on fitness and spend time with my friends and loved ones in Columbia.

How have your experiences in Theta changed you? Theta has given me so many people who have played an integral role in shaping who I am. Without these members' love and support, I would not be where I am today. Theta has shown me what it's like to be loved unconditionally and has allowed me to form relationships with people I now consider my family.

What does Theta mean to you? Theta is personal excellence that radiates from each member in completely different ways. This value means the world to me because I love to learn what my friends are passionate about and share my interests and goals with them. Being surrounded by people who are so driven push me to become a better version of myself.

Do you have any advice for the underclassmen? Do not be afraid of setting goals for yourself that may seem unattainable. If you work hard and prove to yourself and others that you have what it takes to succeed, the opportunities for you to do so will come in abundance.

Do you have a specific favorite Theta memory? One of my favorite Theta memories dates back to my freshman year when I stopped two girls on the sidewalk outside of the house after a new member meeting and asked them if they wanted to hang out that night. This spur-of-the-moment conversation began our friendships that have lasted throughout college and will last long after we graduate.


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