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Meet Our March Alumna Spotlight: Emily Vogel

Our March Alumna Spotlight features Emily Vogel! Read more to hear what she has been doing since she graduated in December of 2020!

Name: Emily Vogel

Theta pledge class: MC ‘17

What degree did you graduate from Mizzou with, and when?

I graduated from Mizzou Sinclair School of Nursing in December of 2020 with my BSN, Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Hometown: Brookfield, Missouri

Where do you live now? Columbia, Missouri

Where do you work? What have you been up to since graduation?

I currently work at University Hospital in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (which is where I have worked since graduating from Sinclair). I am also in graduate school through the University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing. I am seeking my MSN Leadership in Nursing & Healthcare Systems. I am set to graduate this semester, May 2023. I also met my fiancé Zach at Mizzou & we are currently planning our wedding. This year is most definitely a busy one!

Can you tell us a little bit about the DAISY Award that you were recently awarded?

Last October I was presented the DAISY Award at University Hospital. The DAISY Award was created in 2001 to recognize nurses that have provided extraordinary care for patients. I was nominated by a patient and their family that said I made her feel more than a sick patient in the intensive care unit. She had an extensive operation and was feeling down but says in the nomination letter ‘every time Emily came in the room, she would light up the room.’ I always do my best to advocate for my patients but it is incredibly moving to think that the care I provide on a daily basis was extraordinary for my patient.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

My favorite things about being a nurse within the CICU at University are easily my coworkers and the lives we impact. Working in healthcare requires resiliency and I have a team that is supportive in all aspects. To overcome the day-to-day challenges our team dynamic is incredible to ensure we have each other’s back.

What are you passionate about? What do you do in your free time?

These definitely tie together for me, I am passionate about health and wellness. Building a foundation for ourselves in health is crucial. Aspects such as diet, sleep, exercise, stress management and more are often overlooked during college and early adulthood. I advocate for others to reach out to friends and family to find resources that help build a strong foundation. With this in mind, in my free time you can find me on a walk, doing a workout, attempting to improve my cooking skills, or spending time with friends and family. I love to find ways to better my overall wellness.

Do you have any other future career or life goals?

My career goals will consist of pursuing a leadership and management position within a healthcare organization after completion of my MSN this spring. I am open to various opportunities that can come with this degree. Eager to be able to take my leadership skills to the next level in the future.

What do you miss most about Mizzou?

Graduate school is a completely different experience than undergraduate. Most of my graduate program has been online and my classmates are all over the country. Although I am still a student at Mizzou, I miss the connections made on campus and in in-person classes.

What do you miss most about Theta?

What I miss most about Theta is living in-house and of course, the people! It was an incredibly fun year living in the six-man bedroom on the second floor. When I tell people now, it is astonishing to share that I lived with five other gals for the year. There was always someone excited to go on an adventure with you or go to the library with you. The relationships created during my time on campus as a Theta will go with me forever.

What is one thing you took away from being a part of Theta in college that has shaped you into the woman you are today? What impact has Theta left on you?

I think I want to twist this question slightly to be what I am most appreciative now that I did not realize as an undergrad. Being a member of Kappa Alpha Theta helped me grow as a young adult. I was positively impacted in many ways but one takeaway that I can reflect on now is the relationships and alumnae network that we create by being a Theta. Having that bond with Theta’s nationwide is an incredible journey and I have found that you may meet a Theta all over the country. The outpouring support is a connection and network that can’t be replicated.

Do you have a specific favorite Theta memory?

My favorite Theta memories without a doubt surrounds Mizzou Homecoming. The weeks leading up to homecoming create an excitement and anticipation to host events for the community and welcome home alumni nationwide. One year that will stick out was in 2018 when Theta won homecoming with AgRho. The hard work and dedication over the month’s prior were all worth the recognition! I will never forget the moment when the announcers read Kappa Alpha Theta & Alpha Gamma Rho as that year’s champions.


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