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Meet Kyleigh Smith: Our December Leading Woman

Name: Kyleigh Smith

Major: Political Science Pre Law, Minor in Spanish and Certificate in Constitutional Democracy

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

What are your career/life goals? I would love to work for the ACLU, United Nations, a nonprofit legal firm, or as a public legal servant! My dream job is to become a judge!

What is your favorite part about your major and why did you choose it? I have always loved helping people and have felt a calling to use my privilege to change the world. What better way than to work to change the laws that affect our lives? I love how political science is so diverse. There are so many different careers/topics that apply to political science. I can find what I enjoy, which is more the government route/politics. Political science allows me to use my education to impact my community!

What scholarship did you recently receive? The new Bond International Scholars Award

What is notable about this scholarship? A lifelong Missourian, Senator Kit Bond dedicated his life to public service. He served as Missouri state auditor, Missouri governor, and US Senator. This scholarship awards three MU students who intend to pursue a career in public service. In addition, the scholarship helps students benefit educationally and personally as they gain a better understanding of different cultures and economies while studying abroad!

What organizations or hobbies are you passionate about? I love the Earth and often take walks around campus to pick up trash. We are the hands of the Earth, so I am incredibly passionate about keeping her clean. I am also really passionate about mental health awareness and self-care. I would love to work to create policies that hold social media platforms accountable and raise awareness for their effect on eating disorders.

How have your experiences in Theta changed you? My experience in Theta has changed me through the people I have met. Because of Theta, I have the best friends in the entire world. My friends have shown me how to accept my flaws and be comfortable in my skin!

What does Theta mean to you? Theta has been where I have felt the most confident and comfortable, furthering my inquisitiveness. Theta is more than a sorority; it is an organization that will profoundly impact my life years following graduation. The people I have met in Theta will forever be the biggest blessing in my life.

Do you have any advice for the underclassmen? It is your life, your career, and your happiness. When you graduate, make sure you are making decisions for yourself and not others. It is okay to be selfish; know confidence glows from the inside out!

Do you have a specific favorite Theta memory? My time on the executive board will forever be one of my favorite memories. Eternally grateful to have spent every Thursday with the most empowering group of women!


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