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Meet Katie Distelrath: Our May Leading Woman

Name: Katie Distelrath

Major: Civil Engineering

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

What are your career/life goals?

For career goals, I would love to have my own civil engineering firm one day.

What is your favorite part about civil engineering?

I love how civil engineering lets you do a little bit of everything. There are so many emphasis areas to choose from. For me, I really like the structural and transportation side of things. All my life, I’ve loved building and designing things, As a kid, legos were one of my favorite toys. I also loved building towers as high as I could. This, added with my love for math and science really pushed me towards engineering. I decided on civil because I loved how it combined building and design.

Why did you decide to get involved in St. Pat's board?

I got involved in St. Pat’s board because one of my engineering friends told me how fun it was. St. Pat’s board is an engineering org. that holds events for engineers week, which is the week of St. Patrick’s Day. Afterall, St. Patrick was an engineer.

What is your favorite part about St. Pat's board?

My favorite part of St. Pat’s board is how it brings people together. The org. is made up of all different types of engineering disciplines. Also, the events are open to everyone, so it's really cool to see other people come out, have fun, and make fun memories during Engineer’s week.

What other organizations or hobbies are you passionate about?

I think my favorite hobbies at this time are reading and painting. School can be pretty stressful, so I love taking time out of my day to sit down, relax, and do something calming. I love reading mystery and romance books.

How have your experiences in Theta changed you?

Theta has definitely brought me lifelong friends. This year has brought me so many fond memories. I loved living in the house this year and getting closer with everyone.

What does Theta mean to you?

To me, Theta is support. Theta will support you with whatever you do or will support you with what you need. If you have a tough exam coming up, other Thetas will wish you luck and tell you how smart and capable you are. If you’ve had a rough day, other Thetas are always there to help make it better.

Do you have any advice for the underclassmen?

Get involved. I know it seems daunting at first, but joining different orgs. and other groups are the best way to meet new people and have fun experiences.

Do you have a specific favorite Theta memory?

My favorite Theta memory is having “circle time” with my friends on the floor in my room at the house. It usually involved my roommate and I getting pizza first and then coming back to the room and knocking on our friends' doors to come and eat with us. We would sit on the floor for hours talking, eating, laughing, and just having a great time.


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