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Meet Amy Lehman: Our March Leading Woman

Name: Amy Lehman

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

What are your career/life goals?

I would like to be either a NICU or pediatric nurse practitioner.

What are you involved in at Mizzou?

Theta, MizzouThon, and freshman and sophomore year I was a member of Outreach.

What is your position in MizzouThon?

Miracle Cup Director – a points based competition between organizations to facilitate deeper involvement! I work closely with the VP of Member Relations and the Adopt a Family Director.

How has this experience changed you?

My position this year is a new one, as the Adopt a Family director and Miracle Cup director used to be just one single position. We wanted to make Miracle Cup its own entity, and make it a bigger deal than years past. The experience of taking a role and shaping it into something different and doing my best to improve it has taught me responsibility, flexibility, and has absolutely strengthened my problem solving and creativity! I have also gained life long friends along the way, which makes it all that much sweeter!

What’s your favorite part of MizzouThon?

I love the meaning behind everything we do – our miracle kiddos. Seeing the impact that this organization has on them means the world to me, and getting to interact with each miracle family has made this organization so special! The best moment is the reveal of how much we’ve raised throughout the year at Main Event, because it shows us how much all of our work matters. Knowing that everything we do is to fight for the right to be a kid is the best feeling in the world!

Tell us about why you chose your major?

I had always wanted to do something in the medical field, but I had always wanted to have more interaction with patients. I chose nursing because I want to be able to impact the lives of patients the way that my nurses have always impacted me. I want to be able to be an advocate for patients during their most vulnerable states, and also be able to positively impact their stay while in a hospital. I have been in their position, and know first hand how scary it can be to be faced with medical issues. I also know first hand how much it means to have a nurse that genuinely cares for you, and going through my first year of clinical has really solidified for me that this is exactly what I was meant to do.

What are you passionate about?

I am very passionate about what I do as a nursing major, specifically patient advocacy. I’m passionate about bettering myself, and helping others see the best in themselves. I am also very passionate about dogs and giraffes.

What does Theta mean to you?

Theta means always knowing that you have someone by your side in the darkest as well as the brightest moments in your life. There is always someone to support you and bring you up when you’re down, as well as encourage you and cheer for you while you’re up. Theta is definitely the truest sisterhood!

Do you have a specific favorite Theta memory?

It’s hard to pick just one favorite!! A more recent memory that has definitely joined my favorites list was when my pledge family helped to surprise me with my big who transferred this past year. I am very close to my pledge family, and we all have been through some of the hardest as well as the best times with each other. Specifically, my big PR and I – she was one of my first friends in Theta and has always been one of my biggest supporters. I can go to her for anything and everything and be met with the sweetest and most heartfelt advice, and I know that I can do the same for her. It has definitely been an adjustment for me since she transferred, but we talk and FaceTime as if she never left. One night, my little (Madeline Heck) organized a dinner at Texas Roadhouse for us and her little (Madeline Stewart). All of a sudden someone comes up and asks me if they could join us and my initial thought was “who the heck asks that” and then I looked up and it was PR!!! It was a really sweet moment, and I am so thankful to have a pledge family who cares so much for me and would drive two hours in a snowstorm to surprise me!

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time, I like to run. I keep saying that I’m going to run a half marathon, but it hasn’t quite happened yet. Training is going well so far, so stay tuned on if I ever actually run one!! I am a big quality time gal, so I love when I get to spend time with friends, family, and my sweet dog! I also like to knit, watch Netflix (almost finished with Gossip Girl for the second time), and play guitar.

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