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Sister Celebration Series: Sisters in Business

Introducing our nine members who will definitely be CEOs in a few years - our incredible sisters in business!! From accounting to marketing to hospitality management and everything in between, these ladies are leaders on campus in their business fields. We are so proud to call each and every one of them our sisters.

Name: Maggie Wesley

Major: Business Marketing, minor in entrepreneurship

Hometown: Louisville, KY

Tell us about your involvement in business!

This past summer, I was the public relations intern for The New Orleans Saints. I was responsible for helping craft press releases, transcribe interviews, write alumni updates, and handle media relations for OTA’s. I worked my first training camp and pre-season game. I also had the chance to work for New Orleans’ NBA team, the Pelicans. Coming back to school in the fall, I was given the opportunity to be an intern for Mizzou Athletics.

What has been your favorite experience from the things you mentioned above and why?

My favorite experience was moving to New Orleans. I had never been there before and did not know a soul. I immersed myself into the culture and incredible food the city had to offer. This internship was my biggest challenge yet and it did not come easy, but I worked extremely hard and made a name for myself. I will be working the Christmas game against the Steelers during winter break.

How have your Theta sisters encouraged you in your business endeavors?

My Theta sisters have pushed me to take risks. Knowing that there is always a sister somewhere in the country gave me the motivation to move down south. Seeing those before me succeed in challenging careers gave me the desire to take this opportunity head on. What was once just an internship has turned into my passion, and I would not have realized if it wasn’t for Theta pushing me to exceed my limits.

Name: Alicia Dyer

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Alton, IL

Tell us about your involvement in business!

I am proud to have a fairly large involvement in business at Mizzou as a freshman. I am an Accounting major and am also involved in the Trulaske College of Business Student Council! Through StuCo, I help run events that connect students with the business school faculty. I was also recently elected the 2019 Finance Assistant for Theta! I am very excited about this officer position where I will work closely with the CFO. I can’t wait to see how my involvement in business at Mizzou grows in the next 3 years.

What has been your favorite experience from the things you mentioned above and why?

My favorite experience was being nominated for the officer position of Finance Assistant. Being a freshman, Theta has played a huge role in easing my transition into college, and I look forward to giving back to Theta through my position. I also hope to gain experience and knowledge through this position that will aid me in having more leadership positions throughout college.

How have your Theta sisters encouraged you in your business endeavors?

Even in my first semester of college, my Theta sisters have been very helpful and supportive of me in my business endeavors. If I need help in any of my core business classes or need recommendations on professors, I know they will be eager to answer my questions. Having this support system to rely on will be a huge help as I begin more business courses, and I know each one of them are rooting for me to succeed and will be there for me whenever I need their help.

Name: Sarah Wingbermuehle

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Eureka, MO (St. Louis)

Tell us about your involvement in business!

I am currently the Vice President of the Trulaske College of Business Student Council. My responsibility is to recruit and interview new council members, to assist the President in all of his/her duties, and to audition graduation speakers. I have been involved in Student Council since my freshman year. I have acted as an active member, the Secretary, and now the Vice President. The ultimate goal of StuCo is to act as a liaison between the faculty and students. In addition to this, I am a member of Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity. AKPsi allows me to work on professional development and to further connect to the business school.

Outside of the business school, I am involved in Tour Team for the University of Missouri. I currently am a team leader for which I manage seven other tour guides to ensure that they are staying up to date on information and on track to meet their minimums. In addition to this, I currently sit as the Chief Financial Officer of Theta. Being the CFO has taught me so many skills from a business perspective, and it has made me fall in love with Theta even more. It is bittersweet that my term is coming to an end, but I know that Katherine will do a fabulous job! 😊

I have worked for the Saint Louis Arc in their leisure department the past couple summers. I was a direct support professional for Teens in Motion, a pre-employment program for teenagers with various developmental and intellectual disabilities. Working at the Saint Louis Arc has definitely shaped me into the person I am today. I have learned so much about what it means to be a true servant leader.

I accepted an internship offer with Deloitte in Chicago this upcoming summer. I am so excited because I will be working in their tax consulting/tax accounting department. As someone who is wanting to pursue a career in tax law, I strongly believe that this internship will teach me so much. It will be cool to learn more about the industry and to explore a new city! I am so thankful for this amazing opportunity, and I am so thankful for all of the support from my sisters!

What has been your favorite experience from the things you mentioned above and why?

It is so hard to pick one favorite experience! It has truly been an honor to be involved with Tour Team. It has been so cool to get to know such a wonderful and inspiring group of people. Each person on Tour Team is so unique, but we all share the common denominator of being passionate about Mizzou. I have learned so much about what it means to truly connect with people, which has helped me so much throughout the internship interview process. In addition to this, it is so cool to be involved in the recruitment process for the future generation of Mizzou! I remember how scared I was when I first toured the campus, and I have grown so much since that first time I stepped on Mizzou's campus. It is so neat to know think that these prospective students will undergo a similar growth! Tour Team never fails to put a smile on my face!

How have your Theta sisters encouraged you in your business endeavors?

My Theta sisters have supported me through it all. I am so thankful for having sisters who encourage me to chase after my dreams. My Theta sisters always support me in all that I do! I have had Theta sisters mentor me and give advice on interviews, resumes, LinkedIn - basically all things business! When I was first extended the internship offer from Deloitte in Chicago, my friends "kidnapped" me and took me to get ice cream to celebrate. Little things like that make me so proud to be a Theta! My Theta sisters are so empowering. I am so thankful to be in a sisterhood where everyone is so passionate about something - whether it be their academics, leadership/involvement, friendships, career goals, etc.

It was also really cool to have the support of sisters who have graduated. I called Sarah Gillespie (MC'13) to ask for interview tips, CFO-balancing advice, and accounting program guidance at the beginning of the semester. She was so helpful and supportive, and I am so appreciative of her! It is comforting to know that sisters of all member classes are willing to help each other out! The support of Theta sisterhood that I have received even stretches beyond Alpha Mu! I visited Deloitte's office a couple weeks ago, and, through conversation, I found out that my mentor for the day was a Theta at the Delta chapter at the University of Illinois. She, too, served as the CFO. Isn't that so funny?

Name: Katherine Bickhaus

Major: Business-Finance

Hometown: Quincy, IL

Tell us about your involvement in business!

Through the Trulaske College of Business, I have been able to get involved in the Cornell Leadership Program. This is a selective program that I had to apply and interview for my senior year of high school. The program gives students a more hands-on approach to business through case studies, networking opportunities, and corporate business trips all across the country and some international. This past summer, I had an internship with Knapheide Manufacturing Company. This is one of the largest truck bed manufacturers in this world. I will be studying abroad this upcoming summer in Prague through the business school. I am excited to get immersed in the culture and learn about international business ideas. I have also been appointed as the next Chief Financial Officer for Kappa Alpha Theta.

What has been your favorite experience from the things you mentioned above and why?

My favorite experience so far has been the corporate trip to Kansas City through the Cornell Leadership Program. I was able to visit several Kansas City businesses like Cerner and the Federal Reserve and learn more about how they operate. I am so lucky to get an inside look at so many great businesses.

How have your Theta sisters encouraged you in your business endeavors?

My Theta sisters are my biggest cheerleaders. No matter what I have, whether it’s an interview or a simple meeting, my sisters are always there to support me and encourage me to put my best self forward. They have also introduced me to programs at Mizzou that will benefit my future endeavors like the study abroad program. I am very grateful to be surrounded by people who celebrate my successes and push me to be the best version of myself.

Name: Chandler Grega

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Springfield, MO

Tell us about your involvement in business!

I recently got accepted into the 5-year Masters of Accountancy program at Mizzou, which has been a whirlwind, but it has taught me so much about myself, others, and the accounting field as a whole. Upon my acceptance into the program, I joined Beta Alpha Psi, an accounting fraternity. Through Beta Alpha Psi, I have been given the opportunity to do service alongside others who share the same goals as me, and I have also had the opportunity to listen to and learn from various accounting firms through presentations and networking events.

What has been your favorite experience from the things you mentioned above and why?

The Trulaske College of Business has an outstanding career services program, and I have been able to reap the benefits of that this semester. The first year in the program consists of a lot of networking in order to increase your knowledge and people skills. My favorite experiences have come from the networking events I’ve been able to attend this year. Whether it be trivia, campus scavenger hunts, or just dinner––I leave these events with new friends, funny stories, and a clearer vision of what I want to do with my degree.

How have your Theta sisters encouraged you in your business endeavors?

My Theta sisters never fail to amaze me with their encouragement in all that I do. From

small things like pre-interview pep talks or borrowing a professional shirt, to more substantial things like LinkedIn workshops or tips on how to organize a resume or how to succeed in an interview––I always feel supported from the women who surround me. Theta has given me the best people who inspire me to do more than I ever thought I could.

Name: Shannon Rera

Major: Business Management with a Human Resources concentration and a Political Science minor

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Tell us about your involvement in business!

Last semester, I was in Mizzou’s Civic Leaders Internship Program where I had the opportunity to intern with a House Representative for the 73rd District at the Missouri State Capitol 2 days a week for the entire spring semester. During my internship, I assisted in general office duties, administrative duties, writing speeches, and press releases; I attended meetings with other politicians and lobbyists, attended committee hearings, tracked legislation, and lead tours in the capitol. I also did a variety of survey preparation and implementation and research for the needs and resources for the good of the people of the 73rd district.

Within the Trulaske Business School, I have been a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, a business fraternity with the goal of developing well-trained, ethical, skilled, resourceful, and experienced business leaders, for 4 semesters. In this fraternity, I was in the professional development committee as a pledge and was an accountant for the pledge class of Fall 2017. In 2017, I was also on the Trulaske College of Business “Business Week Steering Committee” for which I helped promote getting involved in the business school to class of 2020 and coordinated Mizzou Business Week in the spring.

What has been your favorite experience from the things you mentioned above and why?

My favorite experience has been my internship at the State Capitol because it allowed me to connect with so many new and interesting people from all different backgrounds, it challenged my views and ideologies, and it educated me and gave me a new perspective on government traditions and ideals that I would not have learned otherwise. This experience is what inspired and motivated me to attend law school and obtain a degree in labor and employment law after finishing my undergrad, and eventually become a registered lobbyist to advocate for a cause that I am passionate about.

How have your Theta sisters encouraged you in your business endeavors?

My peers have always encouraged me to continue to pursue my goals, no matter how big or small, and they are always informing me about opportunities that they think I would enjoy. Almost all the organizations that I have been involved in at Mizzou, I have gotten involved in because someone has invited me to attend a meeting or event with them or convinced me to apply and join. If it weren’t for Abby Farrow (MC’15), I would have never known about the Civic Leaders Internship Program and would never have had that incredible experience without

her convincing me to apply for the program. I have never had a support system like the one I have at Mizzou, where they celebrate my accomplishments and happiness more than I do for myself.

Name: Mackenzie Murray

Major: Business Marketing with Psychology Minor

Hometown: Columbia, MO

Tell us about your involvement in business!

I am involved in a professional business fraternity called Delta Sigma Pi here through the Truslake College of Business. I joined this organization my sophomore year and have been able to service on exec as the Vice President of Pledge Education and now as the President.

As VP of Pledge Education, I ensured the education of chapter knowledge to pledges in preparation for initiation and oversaw pledge committee in addition to recording marks, quiz scores and make-up meetings pledges. I guaranteed that all necessary paperwork was correctly filled out on our national HUB website and organized a pledge bonding retreat.

Currently as President I oversee fourteen executive members and roughly one hundred chapter members. I ensure that all necessary paper work is submitted through our national HUB website and plan, attend, and vote at national chapter events such as President’s Academy, Grand Chapter Congress, LEAD Schools/Provincials.

Through this organization I have been blessed with so many opportunities to grow both in my professional and personal life. For example, last summer I had the experience of a lifetime to not only study abroad in Bergamo, Italy but also conduct and internship for the MU International Trade Center in Prague, Czech Republic.

Through the study abroad program, I learned in a multi-cultural setting with combined classes containing European students in Bergamo, Italy. I appreciated learning about international marketing with classes taught by both American professors and Italian professors. The Italian courses emphasized European and Italian business practices and gauged thoughtful discussions of global marketing implications.

My internship with the MU International Trade Center led to immense growth in developing an insightful global mindset which will be beneficial upon my emergence into the business world upon graduation. Being able to work with the MU ITC and represent them and the University of Missouri internationally was something I could have only dreamed. Working with the MU ITC staff was an incredible experience that gave me the opportunity to develop and strengthen several of my professional competences, such as teamwork, communication skills, leadership, critical thinking and establishing relationships. The program provided me with an extraordinary experience that I know will be an asset for my future professional endeavors.

Upon completion of my internship, my team and I were able to provide international market research that will help aid US companies in the identification of global trade opportunities, and provide actionable information that will assist with potential market entry expansion decisions.

I grew, matured and learned so much about not only myself, but the world and the opportunities it holds and the cultural differences it has to offer during my experiences abroad. This experience has taught me that you need to step outside of your shoes and your world and experience it in way that others who are not like you do. It is when this happens that solutions to our world’s problems can be solved and how broken bridges can be rebuilt between everyone in the world.

What has been your favorite experience from the things you mentioned above and why?

All my involvement in DSP! But if I had to narrow it down further I would say having the chance to live abroad in Prague, Czech Republic while I conducted market research for my internship. Only sixteen Mizzou business students were selected to take part in this internship, so we all were able to become very close with each other, our supervisor and project managers and establish lasting relationships. Since it was such a small, select group we were able to fully immerse ourselves into the culture, create European friendships, and experience cultural differences with a completely new outlook on life. To anyone thinking about studying abroad or doing an internship abroad, I highly encourage you! You learn so much about yourself, truly grow as an individual and develop an incredible global mindset.

How have your Theta sisters encouraged you in your business endeavors?

My Theta sisters have encouraged me every step of the way through my endeavors in business. They encourage me to strive for my best and never settle for less. It was actually because of one of my sisters that I heard about Delta Sigma Pi. I, being a sophomore and just transferring over to the business school from engineering, was overwhelmed at how prestigious Cornell seemed and contemplated heavily whether or not I should try and join this professional business fraternity. It was also my Theta sisters that encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and rush Delta Sigma Pi. Today I am overjoyed that my sisters supported me and pushed me to rush DSP because it has been the source of happiness for me here during college by the friendships I’ve made and opportunities that have been presented to me. If it wasn’t for my sisters, I would not be at where I am today.

Name: Callahan McAndrew

Major: International Business, Spanish

Hometown: St. Louis

Tell us about your involvement in business!

Within the business school, I’m involved in both the Cornell Leadership Program and Alpha Kappa Psi. CLP is a highly selective program that I joined before my freshman year, and it has been one of the most formative organizations I've had to opportunity to be a part of! The program consists of a regular seminar that coincides with multiple business trips per year to cities around the Midwest. In order to prepare for these trips, other "CLPers" will conduct research on both the history and current events of each company we are to visit, and then formulate questions from those findings. During the trips, we tour 3-4 local companies and have the chance to meet executives and ask our questions. Being a part of CLP has strengthened my soft skills tremendously, while also facilitating myriad networking opportunities. I have also been involved in Alpha Kappa Psi since my freshman year. Alpha Kappa Psi is the largest and oldest business fraternity, both on campus and in the country, and I have held multiple roles on the executive board. My first role was as a Vice President of Fundraising, who coordinates and manages the concession stand in the basketball arena that we operate as part of our fundraising activities. This role greatly improved my communication and multi-tasking abilities, from directing all of the concession stand volunteers during the half-time rush to sending out what felt like hundreds of emails! My current role is that of Vice President of Membership. As VPM, along with my co-VPM, we ran the rush process, screened rushees, coordinated weekly pledge chapter, conducted pledge quizzes, ensured all the pledges had their required points to be initiated, and oversaw the pledge trainers and accountants that assisted us with pledge education. Getting to know my class of 37 pledges was an incredible gift, and the closeness they now share between each other makes me overjoyed!

What has been your favorite experience from the things you mentioned above and why?

My favorite experience with CLP was spending 10 days in Nicaragua over winter break. We coordinated a sports camp for local youth, then visited a coffee business, a honeybee farm, and a cigar maker. As an International Business and Spanish triple major, learning about running a business in a Spanish-speaking country was better than I could have ever asked for. Plus, one was owned by a Mizzou alumna! Within Alpha Kappa Psi, my favorite memory has been this past semester as VPM. It truly feels like we've become family, and I love watching them get to know each other and grow the same love for this organization that I have for it!

How have your Theta sisters encouraged you in your. business endeavors?

I am so fortunate to have so many Theta sisters right next to me in both the Cornell Leadership Program and Alpha Kappa Psi. Completing CLP homework, traveling hundreds of miles across the ocean, going to weekly Alpha Kappa Psi chapter, I know there will always be a sister I can reach out to, whether it be for advice, guidance, company, or an advanced packing list! Because they are right there next to me, I never feel scared or alone, and am able to thrive.

Name: Sophie Hall

Major: Journalism (Strategic Communication: Public Relations)

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Tell us about your involvement in business!

I have been so fortunate to gain professional experience on and off campus. I spent two summers interning in New York City - once as a press office intern for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, and once again as a press intern for United States Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. These internships were so formative for me; they taught me the technical skills of effectively communicating with the press, government agencies, and constituents while also teaching me the importance of public service. I know I want to continue this type of public sector work when I graduate college. I truly couldn’t think of anything I would rather do than work for the government and give back to citizens.

Through the J-School, I was selected to participate in the China Open program, where I traveled to Beijing to cover the China Open professional tennis tournament. I wrote match recaps and feature stories for the China Open website, ran the official China Open Twitter and Instagram accounts, and got to interview some of the world’s top tennis players including Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova. I got a one-on-one interview with the women’s singles champion Caroline Garcia, which was later published in Australian Tennis Magazine. As a (former) tennis player, this was nothing short of a dream come true.

A highlight of my college career was being campaign manager for the MSA More to Roar campaign. I was able to use my political internship experience in tandem with my J-School education to plan and execute a successful campaign. Along with my candidates Julia and Connor, I spearheaded this campaign and supervised a talented team of students. Among other things, I was in charge of all the social media and advertising, balancing a large budget, reaching out to donors, debate prep, ordering t shirts and other merchandise, and planning events in Speaker’s Circle where we could talk directly with students. We won the vote by a large margin, and our school gained two amazing people to represent the student body.

I currently serve on the MSA Executive Cabinet as the Director of Communications. I have really fallen in love with student government, and I never fully recognized the importance of MSA until my tenure began. I am in charge of all public relations and advertising for MSA. I run the Twitter, help plan events, attend weekly meetings and trainings, and promote lots of events on campus from many student organizations. I also oversee an awesome team consisting of a Deputy Director of Communications (shoutout to my Theta sis Mikayla Minnick!) and a professional photographer. Some of the highlights for me include registering students to vote on National Voter Registration Day, driving students to the polls during the midterm elections, and volunteering at the Tiger Pantry Thanksgiving food drive. Another great moment for me was when Julia and I planned and put on a speaking event that over 500 students showed up to. MSA brought Keyon Dooling, a former Mizzou basketball and NBA player, to talk to students about his experience with mental health. Doing things like these make me so proud to be a part of student government.

What has been your favorite experience from the things you mentioned above and why?

There have honestly been too many moments to count - my biggest internship accomplishment came this past summer while I was interning for Senator Schumer. I had the opportunity to help plan a press conference to call attention to an increase in toddler drownings. I did extensive research for a week, combing through databases and reading lots of literature on the issue. Though it was at times tedious, it was worth it to raise awareness about this problem. I was able to use my J-School experience to create some infographics depicting the rise in toddler drownings, especially among boys. These graphs, in addition to much of my research and written language, actually made it into the official Schumer senate report on toddler drownings, which was so surreal. Because of this report, a lot of local news coverage was garnered - and more importantly, there is now raised awareness about how to prevent these tragedies.

At Mizzou, a standout moment for me was when Julia and Connor were elected MSA President and Vice President. Our team put in hours of work every day for weeks, so it was so gratifying to see all of that pay off. It was all so worth it - Julia and Connor are doing an incredible job leading our student body, and I am so proud to have been their campaign manager.

How have your Theta sisters encouraged you in your business endeavors?

I truly believe I have accomplished what I have in part because of the sisters I have leaned on throughout my college career. When I applied for my first internship in New York, I was living in Theta. I seriously ran up and down the halls asking girls to read over my resume and application essays. Without fail, I found support everywhere I turned. It was a snowball effect for me - I got the confidence and help I needed from my sisters to take that first step and snag an internship working at City Hall in New York. That internship in turn gave me the confidence to apply for the China Open program and then my Schumer internship. That all started because of Theta.

I would definitely not be in my position on campus without one particular Theta, Julia Wopata. When I heard she was running for MSA President, I could not get on that campaign fast enough. I recognized in Julia a drive to make campus a better place for all students, and a willingness to treat every situation from a perspective of love. Julia and I really weren’t close before we teamed up on the campaign. We were friendly, sure, and definitely respected each other, but it was this ambition that brought us together. At the risk of sounding a little corny, I saw a leading woman in Julia and I wanted to see her vision for campus come to fruition. Julia is now one of my best friends, and I credit Theta with bringing us together.

During the campaign, I was endlessly grateful for the support we received from Theta. Julia and I spent countless late nights in the craft room making banners and campaign posters. I got so excited every time I saw a More to Roar t-shirt being worn at lunch in the basement. Many Thetas volunteered to table in Speaker’s Circle, and others spread the word about the campaign and our plan for campus. We ran on promoting inclusion, student success, safety and mental health. We now get to implement this plan, and make our campus a better place, thanks to our Theta sisters.

Name: Mackenzie Nelson

Major: Hospitality Management

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

Tell us about your involvement in business!

With a major as broad as Hospitality Management, it was important to me to find internships that could help me specify my career path. After my freshman year, I worked as the Communications and Community Programs Intern at the school district I had grown up in in my hometown, North Kansas City Schools. This taught me how an office functions and the demands of working a typical 9:00am - 5:00pm job forty hours a week. I really loved getting to work among professionals, and I set a goal to land an internship within the entertainment industry - my ultimate career goal - for the next summer. I researched and applied for different jobs and ultimately accepted the position of Group Sales Intern at Starlight Theatre in Kansas City! It’s an 8,000-seat amphitheater that hosts around 10 touring Broadway shows and over 30 concerts annually. It was so exciting to work at a place that I loved and had grown up going to to see my favorite musicals and artists perform. My work involved reaching out to different organizations in the KC area and selling them discounted group tickets to our shows, then preparing an evening for them with fun events like having drinks, dinner, a venue tour, and a cast meet-and-greet. It was a phenomenal opportunity to grow professionally, and it really helped me gain clarity on what I’d like to do post-grad!

What has been your favorite experience from the things you mentioned above and why?

I have always been fascinated by live entertainment, and I love going to concerts and musicals. So getting to see how these major musical acts and stage performances function from behind-the-scenes was always a joy. It takes so many people and so much effort to pull off such massive productions, and getting to play a small part in such a giant, unforgettable experience for so many people was beyond rewarding. Working to create memorable experiences for fans is what I want to do for the rest of my life, and I was so grateful for the opportunity to do that this summer!

How have your Theta sisters encouraged you in your business endeavors?

While preparing for different applications and interviews, I relied heavily on older members like my big, Gretchen Metzger, who is in the Business school and helped me prepare my resume, cover letter, and interview skills. She drove with me to Kansas City the day of my interview and helped me prepare and stay calm. Additionally, I first heard of the Starlight internship program through my friend Becca Zeiger, MC 15, who had worked at Starlight the previous summer in a different department. I asked her loads of questions about the logistics of the position, and she was a steady, encouraging presence throughout the entire hiring process. Without those two, and the overall support and enthusiasm of my sisters, I wouldn’t have had the courage and confidence to go after the internship!

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