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Meet Abby Peoples: 2018 Greek Week Royalty

We are so honored to have on of our members, senior Abby Peoples, be part of this year’s Greek Week Royalty. Abby will be participating in all the Greek Week events and is nominated for Greek Week Queen. Read on below to learn a little bit more about Abby.

What are you involved in at Mizzou?

One of my favorite parts about Mizzou is being able to touch the corners of campus with what I involve myself in. Within my major, I am a member of the Trulaske College of Business Student Council and the Cornell Leadership Program. I love the community I’ve found through Veritas Campus Ministry while leading a small group for freshmen Thetas. For the last three years, I have played competitively on Mizzou’s club soccer team and actively served as a True Daughter on the Alumni Association Student Board.

Best Mizzou memory?

Looking back, my favorite Mizzou memory was on August 24, 2014. That day was filled with moments that I now see as a starting point for the trajectory of my college experience. As cliche as it sounds, that day, my favorite collection of memories from the last four years, was bid day. It included frantically ripping open an envelope on the quad, running to the letters "KAO" amidst losing my shoe in the mud, and tearing up as I saw my best friend from home standing among the group of Thetas holding a bid card that looked just like mine. In that moment, I had no idea how much of an impact those smiling faces around me would have.

Favorite thing about Greek Week?

I love how the Greek community truly comes together to serve a greater purpose. Sports has always been what gets me giddy about Greek Week, but being able to serve at each of the service events this year has given me a new appreciation for the amazing support Greek Week gives to the Columbia community.

How has Mizzou impacted your life these past four years? Mizzou has impacted my life in more ways than I could have thought up as a wide-eyed freshman on move in day. One word that sums it up is growth-- Over the last three years, I have grown immeasurably more than I ever could have imagined. From the leadership potential I have found within myself in student organizations to the intentional friendships who have taught me what loving others should look like, Mizzou has changed my life for the better. I firmly believe that someone's college years are the most formative years of their life. One thing I've come to realize is that people are what make a place so special to me. I have been humbled by the bright minds on this campus, and pushed to be the very best version of myself by those same individuals. So many blessings have come from those who I have shared memories, a cup of coffee, or even just a smile with in mid-Missouri, and I wouldn't replace those experiences for the world. The friendships I have made at Mizzou are the deepest I’ve ever known, and I know they will be here for all stages of life. As each year passes, I look back to see growth in corners of my life that I never knew existed. Mizzou has been one of the greatest gifts in my life, and I am so incredibly thankful for the past four years I have spent on this campus.

What are your plans after graduation? After interning with Hallmark Cards this fall, I will be returning to work for them full-time after graduation as a Career Development Associate. For the next few years, I will be taking part in a rotation program that will provide me with the opportunities to live in various cities doing different jobs in Hallmark's Retail division. First up will be a move to Seattle, Washington where I will be working on the Amazon team!

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