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Meet Hope Watson: Our March Leading Woman

Hope is an incredible role model for all of us here at Alpha Mu Theta! Learn more about Hope below.

Name: Hope Watson

Major: Journalism, Strategic Communications Emphasis, & Political Science.

Hometown: Jefferson City, Missouri

What are your career goals?

After graduation, I will be pursuing a legal education. My ultimate aim is to become a legislative advocate on behalf of non-profit groups that address issues like foreign aid reform, human trafficking prevention and domestic food insecurity.

What are you involved in at Mizzou?

I am a member of Mizzou Student Foundation. I formerly served as the Vice President of Marketing for MSF. I am most proud of my work on our Rally Mizzou scholarship fund. This fund provides financial aid to students less than $2,000 away from being able to afford their tuition and fees.

My work as the non-profit director and co-founder of Roots, LLC was the best involvement experience I've had during college. Roots is a social business that seeks to counteract the negative effects of childhood poverty through the transformative power of art. I have also gone on an MAB trip to the Navajo reservation in Bluff, Utah and was a recipient of the Mizzou '39 award.

What are you involved in outside of Mizzou?

I have done several internships with non-profits over my years in college. My two favorite experiences were working for Bread for the World, a D.C. based organization working to end hunger around the globe, and Gateway Arch Park Foundation, a group of passionate individuals aimed at revitalizing one of the nation's most beautiful urban national parks.

What are you passionate about?

I have been incredibly blessed. My passion is to leverage my privilege to learn about the needs of others through listening and engagement and then to translate what I've learned into relief-giving actions.

What's your favorite thing about Theta?

When I came to Mizzou I was shy and extremely doubtful that I would make real friends. In high school, I felt the need to fit a mold in order to earn my friendships. In Theta, I've been empowered to break every mold I've ever forced myself into and have learned that friendships aren't earned, they're freely given. I'm leaving college this year knowing who I am and every bit of that comes from what Theta has taught me.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to play golf, cook, and spend time with my friends.

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