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Mia Graham (’15) is driven, resilient, and passionate, which is exactly what makes her a leading woman.

As a Kansas City native, MU was always on the forefront of Mia’s mind while deciding where to further her education. When she visited campus, she instantly fell in love with everything MU had to offer. As a Nutritional and Health Sciences major, the MizzouRec was a major selling point for her. In fact, Mia says that one of her favorites pastimes is to go workout at the Rec.

After spending less than two years on campus, Mia has already established herself as a leader. She has a busy schedule full of internships, volunteering, and academics. She works at the Women and Children’s Hospital and has a health and wellness internship with Mizzou Athletics. She isn’t exactly sure what she wants to do after graduation, but she explores her passions every day- thus bettering Mizzou in the process.

This past winter break, Mia showcased her leadership skills by leading an MAB trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee. While there, she and her group spent a week volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. Mia says this trip was one of the highlights of her college career because it showed her how much of an effect one person can have on someone else’s life.

To Mia, being a leading woman is difficult to define; there’s so many ways one to lead. However, she strives to make everyone feel valued. In Kappa Alpha Theta, she loves the sense of community during work week and bid day, and she strives to make all members of the chapter feel that way. The best way she has found to do this is to lead by example so everyone feels like they are respected and have a voice.

Mia is a shining face in the Theta house. You’ll never cross paths with her without receiving a smile and friendly hello. Mia asks everyone how their day is going, and often knows what is going on in most people’s lives. She is caring and passionate, doesn’t take herself too seriously and makes everyone feel valued. We are truly grateful to have Mia as a member of our chapter. Not only does she make our chapter better, she helps each and every one of us become the best women we can be everyday.

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