PART 4: MC' 17

Name: Lily Coit

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

Major: Journalism

Tell us about your childhood/where you grew up.

I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri in the sweet neighborhood of Brookside. The best part of where I lived was that I lived right around the corner from my best friend. This meant endless play dates, walks around the neighborhood together, and basically being with each other 24/7.

Some of my favorite childhood memories come from spending time at my dad’s photo studio in downtown Kansas City. My dad is a professional photographer who had his own studio that quickly became my own personal playground. My brother and I would always ride our tricycles around the huge space, sometimes causing a ruckus while my dad was with a client. Being able to see my dad at work at such a young age taught me about the power of hard work and determination. Seeing my dad’s passion and creativity come to life was a true blessing.

Why did you come to Mizzou?

I came to Mizzou because after touring the school it just seemed natural. I felt assured that this was where I belonged.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

In my free time I love hanging out with my friends or family, reading fashion/lifestyle blogs, watching Gilmore Girls, or stalking cool people on Instagram.

Theta is…Theta is endless smiles.

When I grow up I want to… When I grow up I want to create something meaningful.

The best friends are… The best friends are always ready to make you laugh.

Name: Sadie Davis

Hometown: Memphis, Missouri

Major: Journalism

Tell us about your childhood/where you grew up.

I’m from a really small town and I grew up on a farm! We have sheep, llamas, chickens, rabbits, dogs, and my favorite, cats!

Why did you come to Mizzou?

I’m majoring Journalism… but also, Columbia is the perfect distance from my home—2 hours. So, going home is really easy, but it’s far enough away that I can get away from my tiny town. Also, my mom and her sisters came to Mizzou. I have family on the football team, too! My cousin, Jacob Trump, plays, and my uncle, Barry Odom, coaches! I grew up loving Mizzou and it feels like home.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love doing anything outside and hanging out with friends. I’m a sucker for Bible studies. I’m a huge bookworm and I consider myself an expert when it comes to food and music!

Theta is… intelligent.

When I grow up I want to… always keep in touch with my Theta sisters.

The best friends are… the ones that you can pick up where you left off with.

Name: Evie Reifschneider

Hometown: Washington, Missouri

Major: Education

Tell us about your childhood/where you grew up.

I grew up in Washington, Missouri! I have 2 older siblings that both attended Mizzou and a little brother who will be up here next year so it is a fun thing for us all to share.

Why did you come to Mizzou?

I think Columbia is a great town and Mizzou offers an endless amount of activities and organizations to get involved in!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy attending Veritas, watching movies, grabbing food with my friends, and shopping downtown!

Theta is… inspiring!

When I grow up I want to… Teach children in third world countries about God’s love for them.

The best friends are… people who will love and support you through anything.

Name: Ryann Rigsby

Hometown: Rolla, Missouri

Major: Accounting

Tell us about your summer.

My summer was kind of lame, I spent most of it working at Fugitive beach (in Rolla, MO my lovely hometown) which I’m sure everyone from Missouri has heard of. I hung out a lot with my friends taking mini road trips to St. Louis. I went to visit my best friend at Ole Miss which was so much fun. I spent a lot of days (and nights) on the river and lake catching some rays kayaking & riding jet skis. I also saw Guns ‘N Roses in concert which was probably the most epic thing I’ve experienced. I also saw Martina McBride (she wasn’t the best) and Chris Lane (very attractive & got to meet him). I also did a lot of CrossFit because it’s probably the most fun, rewarding stress reliever ever.

If you could have dinner with any person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Tim McGraw because I think he’s the greatest human to exist. My mom surprised me with tickets to his concert for Christmas but I ended up not being able to go because I went to Internationals in DECA and I cried for like a week (I’m not even joking).

Tell us a few reasons why Theta became your new home.

I saw the amazing friendships that the girls in Theta had and I knew that’s what I wanted to be a part of. It was also very clear how driven every Theta was and I am a very driven person who strives for more greatness constantly and I knew the Theta sisters could push me to do me personal best.

What is your dream job?

I have about a million.

I want to be a CPA (my major is accounting), I want to work for the Intelligence section of the Army (I’m in ROTC), I want to work for the FBI (just because TV makes it look cool basically), and I want to be the President of the US (high hopes I know)

The best song ever written is…?

Omg so many. I’m a huge country, hip hop and classic rock fan.

Love me some 2000’s Tim McGraw and anything that plays on the Classic Rock Pandora station. Also todays hit and hip hop are just kinda poppin and get me hype.

Name: Kadie Clark

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Major: Undeclared

So far, my favorite place on campus is….

Either Ellis library or Traditions Plaza. Both are fairly quiet and great places to study.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I would either go to Greece or Colombia. I Really like the classics and history, so going to Greece would allow me a unique look into some of the places that were so important to history and literature. Colombia or some place in South America interests me because I think being able to live and be immersed in such a different culture would be an invaluable experience. The political, socioeconomic, and agricultural culture of a country like Colombia is so different the life I have lived I think that I can learn a lot by being immersed in what I’m assuming would feel a different world.

By the time you graduate from Mizzou, what are you hoping to accomplish?

Right now I’m undeclared in my major, so by the time I graduate from Mizzou I hope that I will have found a career path that I am truly passionate about and that I have found something that I can confidently say is my life’s vocation.

Next on my reading list is…

Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut

What will you miss most while being away from home?

I will the comfort of familiarity. Don’t get me wrong, I am always down for an adventure but unprecedented change can be difficult at time, as can adjusting to finding a new support system and methods of going about life here in COMO.

What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

Two of my favorite past-times are eating sugar and riding my bike/running; yes, this is kind of an oxymoron. I love doing almost anything outdoors, but running and cycling (especially on trails) are my favorite.

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